Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Eve of Destruction...

So I've obviously figured out how to upload movies to YouTube and God forbid anyone actually watches the shit I post. I should say I normally reserve this blog for friends only given I don't do the best job of advertising myself, and my efforts are usually...well...lame.

However, this post imparticular is a short film I made by accident. I was playing with a photo shop program and discovered the Movie-maker feature. You can upload photos, film and music to this cheesy 'technically-inept-house-wife' program and it creates/edits the film for you. So the final product is a retarded SURPRISE!

I uploaded a song off the first CD I found near my desk [Rebel Sounds of the Sixties ] and created a montage from pics/footage of my Aunt. My Uncle shot these pics when he first bought the camera in 2005 and they were dormant on the memory card- until I brought them to life! HUZZAH!

I HIGHLY SUGGEST you smoke something medical and watch the following in its entirety. It is delightfully redundant and I feel, self-indulgent cinematic art at its finest.


(My Aunt is crazy as all get out...and the fucking raddest. Seriously.)


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